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We ask that all classes and lessons are paid for on the day you attend them, private lessons are scheduled for the same time every week unless you specify otherwise. Classes are payable weekly as you attend them – except ballroom for Saturday dancers, where it is a £32 termly fee (£34 from 4th May 2015).


We request 48hrs notice to cancel a private lesson, otherwise payment for this lesson is required. Equally if for some reason your teacher is unable to attend your lesson we will attempt to find a replacement teacher and give you as much notice as possible.


Please check start and end dates of terms to make sure you have cancelled lessons if you are not able to attend them.


For couples lessons, should one person not give the appropriate notice, the partner will be given the full lesson, but both individuals will be charged for their original share of the lesson. If one partner gives 48 hours notice, it will be assumed that the lesson has been cancelled in full and the partners have informed each other.


Where partners are allocated for Nationwide events, they are carefully considered and in all cases we try to match people to produce the best possible outcome for the competitor. Please remember that the partners give up their time voluntarily to help you train and support you and you obviously need to let them know if there are any lesson changes.


Cheques should be made payable to JanSu School of Dance and cannot be accepted under £10 in value. Please can you make sure that details of cheques covering more than one item are written on a note to avoid confusion, thank you.


We like to post pictures and results of our events on our website and facebook page, please let us know if you have any objections to your picture or first name being posted in this way.


Please ensure that you check the JanSu Folder regularly as different competitions have different entry requirements. Tickets must be ordered in advance - don't get caught out by missing a deadline and being unable to attend. Don't forget to keep track of medals taken to ensure you are eligible to enter a competition, this is the dancer's responsibility.


Please note that all the information provided on this website is accurate only to the best of our knowledge and it is not intended to cause offense or misinform. Please note also that Jansu are not responsible for the content of external websites.







Useful leaflets

Listed below are some documents with information aimed at helping you find dance outfits and shoes, understand the different dance styles, keeping track of your medals, a guide to Supadance and a helpful guide if you are new to competing. If you click on the icon they should open in another window so you can save or print them as required.

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