Private Lessons - £10-£15 per half hour

We are happy to offer private lessons to individuals or couples of any age, for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour. They are available during any of the following sessions.


  • Early Saturday morning
  • Early Saturday afternoon
  • Tuesday mid afternoon- late evening
  • Wednesday mid afternoon-late evening
  • Thursday mid afternoon - late evening


Saturday and Tuesday lessons take place at the Forest Community Centre, Wednesday and Thursday lessons take place at Blackmoor Village Hall.


The lessons can be arranged to suit your schedule and requirements. They are organised to run at the same time weekly and usually require a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice else the cost of the lesson will be payable.


JanSu offer a range of lessons to suit all ages, abilities and variety of styles.


If you would like to join any of our classes or arrange private lessons or Wedding dancess to suit, please contact us by phone or email so we can discuss the details and answer any questions you may have.





Children 7-17 yrs - Saturday mornings at the Forest Community Centre, Bordon


  • Ballroom 7-12yrs 9-9.30am
  • Latin American 7-12yrs 9.30-10.15am
  • Street 7-12yrs 10.15-10.45am
  • Competitive Technique 12-17yrs 10.15-10.45am
  • Freestyle 7-12yrs 11.30-12.15am
  • Freestyle 12-17yrs 10.45-11.30am
  • Latin American 12-17yrs 12.15-1pm
  • Ballroom 12-17yrs 1-1.30pm


The classes are timetabled so that the pupils can participate in as many or few as they would like. Many of the 7-12yr olds stay for the morning 9-12.15 and participate in all 4 classes with a break 10.45-11.30. With parental permission they are allowed out to the shops during their break but we do offer a tuck shop with sweets and drinks in the hall. The older pupils often come at 10.15 for all 4 classes with their break at 11.30 to 12.15pm. We also have pupils who prefer one or two styles of dance and therefore just attend for these (for example ballroom & latin) - there is a variety of price bands to cater for individual choices. The age ranges are flexible and the children are placed in the class most appropriate for their personal experience and level.


Children 3-7 yrs Wednesdays 4-5.30pm at Blackmoor Village Hall - £7.50 weekly


This class is called our Wednesday Rosettes as the children are awarded colourful rosettes if they choose to taken termly exams. The children are taught a variety of ballroom, latin, freestyle and rock & roll styles throughout the classes. It is advisable for them to bring a drink and snack for the 2 short breaks and toilet facilities are available. Several of our more experienced teeneage dancers assist the younger ones helping to ensure individual attention.


Freestyle Competitive Class

Mondays 5.30-6.15pm at Forest Community Centre - £5 weekly


This class is suitable for anyone wanting to take their freestyle dancing a step further and improve their techniques, or just as exercise and to increase their stamina


Adult Classes



Intermediate and advanced ballroom and latin classes take place on a Thursday at Blackmoor Village Hall 8.30-10pm and cost £7 per person per week.



Ballroom Fees

£34 termly

Freestyle, Latin & Street or Technique

3 classes £14 weekly

Any 2 of Freestyle, Latin, Street, Technique

2 classes £12.50


Any 1 class from Street Freestyle, Latin, Technique

1 class £6.50


Wedding Dances

Wedding dances can often be an unwelcome source of nerves on your big day, as you take to the floor completely solo, watched by all your guests while you amble uncertainly around the floor. But this doesn't have to be the case, your wedding dance could be another highlight of your special occasion, a memory to treasure as you confidently move around the dance floor oblivious to those watching but caught up in the moment of intimacy because you are familiar with the routine and can just enjoy being together.


JanSu offer a service whereby we will arrange as many or few lessons that you require to choreograph and teach a dance of your choice to the sound track of your preference (assuming they are compatable), for your first dance at your wedding.


We work closely with you to incorporate any particular steps or movements you may wish to use, where possible, and where appropriate are happy to guide your choices to ensure you have the most effective and appropriate routine for you as a couple.


No previous dance experience is necessary, but if you have some dance knowledge we are happy to utilise this.


Popular dances include Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha and Waltz.


We are very proud to see our dancers grow into amazing people and are privilaged to enjoy special moments with them on their life journey. We wish them all a long and happy future together.

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