JanSu has many members who enjoy competing. The dance school prides itself on a successful history at competative events and we regularly attend several venues throughout the year, offering support to any who wish to enter.


Tickets for competitions are required per person ie dancer and spectators. The price is typically around £10-£15 per ticket, except presentations where entrance is around £7 payable on the door. You need to complete the competition ticket reservation form below for all competitions except presentations as the tickets are ordered and allocated in advance.


Please remember that to be eligible to compete in Supadance or Nationwide, dancers must have taken a relevant dance medal in the previous 12 months of the competition or season. The correct dance outfits, shoes and hair styles are also necessary in the competative world - any teacher would be happy to advise, or further information can be found in our JanSu Competitive Dancewear Guide, further information for Supadance and competition kit lists are also available.



A good way to find out how a competition is run and experience the fun is to attend a Medal Presentation. These take place 3 times a year, typically January, May and September. During the evening the medals from the last dance exam are presented, along with additional special awards. (Details of Annual Awards recipients and Highest marks winners can be seen on the JanSu Presentations page.) Several low key, fun events are run to suit all ages and abilities within the school. Usually these events are just for JanSu members but occasionally another school is invited to provide an extra challenge.


2018 Schedule


Sat 27th Jan 5-7pm

Sat 28th April 5-7pm




Forest Community Centre, Pinehill Road, Bordon, GU35 0BS




These are team events with up to 6 matches a year. Four couples form a team, and each performs 2 latin and 2 ballroom dances, competing in a specific age group and gaining points throughout the season. The teams parade together and there is also the opportunity for individual couples to compete in a supporting ballroom and latin competition. Results can be seen on the Supadance Match Results page, and Supadance Couples Results.


A grand finals event takes place in Blackpool in December over a weekend where Supadance teams from all over the country compete.


2018 Schedule


Sun 29th Apr-Match 1-Sarum Academy Salisbury

Sun 13th March-Match2-Mountbatten Portsmouth

Sun 1st Jul - Match 3 - Swindon Academy

Sun Sep 16th-Match 4-Sarum Academy Salisbury

Sun Oct 14th - Match 5 - Loddon Valley Reading

Sun Nov 4th - Match 6 - Loddon Valley Reading











Competition Ticket Reservation Form


Please complete your details below to reserve your tickets for any forthcoming competitions. You will need to submit one form per competition, for example one for Qualifiers, one for a Supadance Match, one for Blackpool etc. Please note that the quantity of tickets you reserve will be the quantity you are charged for and payment will need to be made directly to JanSu as normal. Your tickets will be issued during lessons or class preceding the competition.



Each year a regional competition takes place for IDTA registered schools in each of the dance styles. JanSu participates in the Ballroom and Latin Qualifiers and the Freestyle and Rock & Roll. At these events the best 12 dancers from each age group are selected to go on to compete at the Nationwide Finals in Blackpool. The places are fiercly fought for and achieving a place to dance at Blackpool, the home of dancing, is a huge achievement.


All qualifiers and results from the finals can be seen on the Blackpool Results page.



2018 Schedule


14th&15th Apr Sat&Sun Ballroom/Latin Finals

6th May Sun Freestyle/Rock & Roll Qualifiers

21st Oct Sun Ballroom/Latin Qualifiers

10th&11th Nov Sat&Sun Rock&Roll / Freestyle Finals



Finals take place at the Winter Gardens, 97 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 1HL

Qualifiers take place at the Guildford Spectrum, Parkway, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1UP



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